Medical Marijuana review: Skunk Shocker #15

Skunk Shocker proved to be somewhat more schizophrenic than I initially perceived

Skunk Shocker #15 is a strain I damn near instantly fell in love with. It went to my head within seconds and sent my brain a-racin’…but not for too long. Within 10 or so minutes I calmed down into the loveliest, uplifting high. It was the kind of high that makes you feel 8 feet tall. I was out on a walk, passing through a sea of high school students as they exited the building for lunch. I live next door to a high school, you see, and to get to my preferred walking route, I must use the sidewalk that serves the school. These kids look at me and see an old white man. I look at them and see myself seemingly not all that long ago. There’s something about drifting through a horde of teenagers when you’re baked off your ass that feels slightly naughty, but in this case, I felt equally, dare I say, triumphant? Skunk Shocker #15 seems to be all about instant elevation.

As the walk continued, so did the elevation, which seemed to peak during a pair of Men At Work tunes: “Overkill” and “It’s a Mistake,” both of which predate high school for me. Hopefully the kids I walked past have discovered Colin Hay and his cohorts. Probably an hour into the walk I definitely felt the Skunk starting to shift into a much calmer, more relaxed high. At this point on the walk, I would probably have preferred to not be on foot – home on the couch would have been preferable. When I finally did arrive home, I DynaVaped a second capful of this Skunk, which contrary to its name, is perhaps not all that stinky. Mrs. Fareye’s word is all I have to go on, as her sniffer is infinitely superior to my own, especially at this time of the year in which I’m constantly at war with my sinuses. Sitting down to craft this review, I still would have preferred the couch, but I plowed through and got it done, at one point letting the majesty of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” wash over me. Gordon Lightfoot, R.I.P.

At least for this Cannabinthusiast, over the longer haul Skunk Shocker proved to be somewhat more schizophrenic than I initially perceived. As beautiful as its initial highs can be, it seems to shift into something much more lethargy-inducing as the user comes down. I’ve found myself responding to it differently on different occasions. Frankly, I’m more than a bit befuddled by this strain, which seems to be all over the place, and capable of delivering vastly different highs depending on your mood or possibly a number of other factors. No matter which direction it’s leaning, I’d classify this as a potent strain.

Skunk Shocker #15 is an evenly balanced Hybrid – 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, with a THC content of 19.28%.

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