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Medical Marijuana review: Peach Gelato Kush

I felt so at peace, in ways I hadn’t in weeks

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Peach Gelato Kush

It was a drop dead gorgeously subdued, almost overcast afternoon when I DynaVaped not one but two capfuls of Peach Gelato Kush, as I really felt the need to get lost. Minutes later I hopped a bus, and at one point while riding, the most blissful sense of tranquility washed over me. I felt so at peace, in ways I hadn’t in weeks. I stared out the bus window at the bustle of the world around me, serenity overtaking my ever-anxious psyche. Another recent great MMJ experience involved an overcast day, and I’m wondering if my brain is just wired toward that sort of weather. Those days are always few and far between. I envy the sun worshippers of the world, as they have whole months to bask in.

But the Peach Gelato Kush played a big role, to be sure, and once I got off the bus I wandered through a park which is undergoing some major renovations, so it’s rather empty these days. Again, the MMJ/weather combo was just ideal. A pair of ducks I ran across were an undeniable highlight. The serenity continued on through the park and soon I reached my destination: a used media store from which I recently bought a disc I realized I already had. So, I went in to trade it out. Perusing the shelves of vinyl records, Blu-ray discs, books, comics – you name it, this place has it all – is one of my very favorite ways to spend a good high. At one point, as I sifted through a rack of compact discs, most marked down to a buck or two, the mix of the tangible feel of jewel boxes (dinosaurs unto themselves) and the 90s artists within them, had me time-traveling back to my carefree 20s. It feels like another lifetime ago, yet not so far back that I can’t hook into the feelings that time brings to mind.

Stoned and snapping pics of ducks is a pretty ideal afternoon

Peach Gelato Kush was fab for my brain. A day or two later, I DynaVaped a capful of the Peach with the intention of laying down for a deep listen of Vangelis’ “Blade Runner” (more on that shortly). Before getting started, the phone rang and it was my old buddy Horace, with whom I have an ongoing dialogue about actors who were overlooked for Oscars. He was calling to express outrage over the fact that Donald Sutherland has not only never won an Oscar, but has never even been nominated. (In 2018 he did get an honorary Oscar, but that always feels like such an afterthought.) This chat lasted for about a half hour, during which I kept 100% on track and never got lost and contributed my fair share to keep that gab going. This is always worth noting about any strain.

After getting off the phone, I DynaVaped another capful of the Peach, and went back to “Blade Runner,” one of the great Vangelis works, and that’s saying something. Structured less like a soundtrack and more like an album (indeed, the word soundtrack is nowhere to be found on it), here’s a recording that even if you are unfamiliar with or don’t care for the film, is all but guaranteed to wash over and heal any anxious, damaged psyche. It is almost otherworldly, and the Peach amplified a gorgeous hour of deep listening.

Peach Gelato Kush is a slightly Indica-dominant strain with a THC percentage of 23.31%. Every time I used this strain, upon coming down, it left me feeling tired and ready for a nap.

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