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Medical Marijuana review: Melted Ice Cream

Seems like it wanted to be whatever I needed it to be in any given moment

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Melted Ice Cream

Greetings fellow cannabinthusiasts! It’s been a bit since we lasted posted a strain review, but what happened was, well, COVID happened – to me! But I’m on the mend, and this Melted Ice Cream I just DynaVaped has gone straight to my head on this hot summer day. That’s right, the heat is ratcheting up and I’ve spoken before about the joys of getting baked while getting baked and while my temporarily fragile infrastructure should not be overtaxed, I can still feel this strain sort of living up to its namesake as I sit at the computer and belt out this review. I am feeling cooled and calm yet simultaneously slightly energized. This is the sort of high that’s perfect for the afternoon, as there’s no threat of it knocking the life out of you.

Or so I thought. Jean-Michel Jarre beckoned, as he often does when I am stoned. You may be most familiar with his debut album “Oxygene” from the early 70s. It was a massive hit, it’s a perfect album, and it propelled his long career of creating synth electronica. But man cannot live on “Oxygene” alone, and so today I made time and space for his follow-up album, “Equinoxe,” which is equally trippy and transporting. I laid the platter on the turntable and then laid myself down on the bed. Soon enough, thanks to Jarre and the Melted Ice Cream, I was flying nicely. But I did start to notice that I wasn’t as “up” as when I first DynaVaped this Ice Cream, and after flipping the record, I damn near went into a trancelike pot coma, which I thoroughly believe would have overtaken me had I not been screwing around on my phone.

Interestingly, once the record was over, I almost instantly popped back to life and made straight for the desktop to craft the words you’re reading now. So, even if I thought I was down for the count, it turns out I was alert enough to jump up and finish what needed to be done. A funny little strain Melted Ice Cream is. It seems like it wanted to be whatever I needed it to be in any given moment.

Melted Ice Cream is a balanced Hybrid strain. What grabbed my attention first and foremost about it is the THC content of a mere 15.02%, which is unusually low compared to most strains we review here, yet this was no weak tea. Debates rage about whether or not THC content is the most important factor in achieving your desired high, and certainly Melted Ice Cream could go a ways toward showing that it is not. Nearing the end of writing this review, I came down with a serious case of the munchies, and lo and behold, “may relieve appetite loss” was indeed one of the features of this strain on the information we were given by Capitol Wellness Solutions.

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