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Medical Marijuana review: Hell’s OG

A laid back, easygoing time, sure to relieve anxiety or stress

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Hell’s OG

It was, appropriately perhaps, a blisteringly hot afternoon when I decided to try out Hell’s OG for the first time. The word “Hell” in the title of most anything brings expectations, and this strain of MMJ was no different. But Hell’s OG couldn’t possibly be any less of a hellraiser, and this strain feels weirdly misnamed. This is not to say it isn’t a perfectly fine strain for what it is, just know going in that it is unlikely to rock your world. What Hell’s OG did do is chill my ass out. It’s a laid back, easygoing time, sure to relieve anxiety or stress, but never by taking you into any kind of deeply baked or stoned state of mind.

After DynaVaping a capful of this Hell’s, I took the opportunity to finish up the almost universally despised (yet still financially successful) “Jurassic World Dominion,” which I skipped in theatres due to all the bad word of mouth. I’d started it the night before, got nearly an hour into it before realizing that I still had 90 more minutes to go! It’s a long movie that probably didn’t need to be, but whatever. With the help of Hell’s OG, I slipped into a movie-watching state of cannabis-inspired Zen. It’s a sweet spot to hit, to be sure, and not always as easy to achieve as one might think. For instance, whatever I imbibed the evening before was too much, and it put me down, dozing off during a movie that by most counts shouldn’t do that. (This film may be many things, but one of them is not boring.)

But if you can reach that sweet spot of both high and alert, then you’ve all but struck cannabis movie-watching gold, which is precisely what happened with the dinosaurs and me. Recently Quentin Tarantino controversially said that streaming movies almost don’t even exist. I would posit that this may apply to any movie that ends up on a streaming service. No choice to leave the house to see it has been made. It was not specifically rented from a video store after 20 minutes of perusal. Such a movie does not even approach the simple and quick Redbox contract. It “exists” on a cloud somewhere, and you push a button and watch it. As you’ve already paid for the streaming service, there is no extra investment of money, only time, and time does indeed appear to be the true currency of streaming. Quickly you will be either entertained or disinterested, and you will continue watching or you won’t.

Unlike Quentin, I have found myself increasingly forgiving of streaming movies whose stupidity may have offended me if I’d paid actual money to see them, and “Dominion” is an excellent case in point. Sure, it’s dumb, but it’s also fun, and contrary to my understanding, had plenty of dino action. And there are fewer things more enjoyable stoned than dinosaurs, spaceships, monsters and/or aliens.

After the movie was over, I came to sit down and start my review, and within a few minutes I was suddenly sluggish and disinterested. The Hell’s OG had somehow, after two hours, caught up with me. I had come down from its easy high and was now only interested in taking a nap, which I fell quickly and deeply into, and I suspect the Hell’s OG played a role in that.

Hell’s O.G. is an Indica-dominant Hybrid. According to information provided to us by pharmacy Capitol Wellness Solutions, it is a therapeutic strain used to treat inflammation, insomnia and PTSD.

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