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THC Edible review: Berry Blast

So much time was lost the day I ingested the Berry Blast; I genuinely cannot recall how most of it was spent.

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Berry Blast

It had been some time since I last ingested an edible for review purposes but had been eyeing the 30mg per piece Berry Blast for quite a while. With the highest THC level of any of the Good Day Farm edibles that have come my way (even the bag has “high dose chews” all over it), I wanted to save it for a special occasion. I did not. Indeed, there was nothing at all special about the day I took the Berry Blast, other than I felt it was time for another edible review and the special occasion wasn’t surfacing as I’d hoped.

On a blisteringly hot afternoon, I popped the gummy in my mouth around 2:30 in the afternoon and let it slowly dissolve. The taste delivered on its name – gummy delish, if you’re into that sort of thing. One of my biggest issues with edibles is that they have a tendency to taste too good, and I want more than one. Maybe I should keep a bag of Haribo around for such occasions.

After about an hour I started feeling the effects, and honestly, beyond “feelin’ really good,” I’m hard pressed to come up with words to describe where I was at, but wherever it was it was 100% positive. This edible experience really knocked me several ways sideways. I decided to leave the house to see how I’d fare out in public. There’s a grocer a block away, which is always a fine stoner destination. I had a blast, hanging with and amusing myself as I wandered the aisles buying stuff I did not need, but rather wanted to try.

At the top of the impulse buy list was something called “Kaffree Roma,” which looked like instant coffee but is not. It is an instant gluten-free hot beverage made from barley, malted barley, chicory and rye – all roasted. It is gluten free and as its name suggests caffeine free. The latter part reached out to me as I didn’t wish to dull my high with caffeine. I’m sure most people would find the idea of this drink revolting, but I am always game to try something new and this fit the bill. (Long story short: it tastes like a combination of coffee and tea.)

I was stoned enough to buy a coffee substitute I never would’ve bought sober, yet totally forgot the crackers I was tasked with picking up for my wife, despite saying to myself numerous times during the shop, “What am I forgetting?” I am not automatically a forgetful stoner, so it is always worth mentioning when my high does affect my short-term memory.

So much time was lost the day I ingested the Berry Blast; I genuinely cannot recall how most of it was spent. Mrs. Fareye reminded me that I had promised to make a chicken mole for dinner, the realization of which was a shock to my system: I had to cook, and I had to cook a somewhat involved dish (that, admittedly, I have made many times). Could I do it under these circumstances? I also had to make iced tea and rice, which I did in order before tackling the chocolate sauce. All of this took longer than usual, as I had to be consciously careful not to make any mistakes. A couple were made, but nothing that couldn’t be corrected along the way. So, yeah, gloriously blitzed out of my gourd, I somehow managed to craft a nice dinner. And despite the crackers screw-up and the length of time it took to make dinner, Mrs. Fareye remarked on a couple of occasions how much she liked me under the influence of this edible; it made me fun to be around, apparently.

More time was lost after eating, and mostly I recall finally coming down around 9 – five or six hours after the effects of Berry Blast initially took hold. An hour or so after that, I took a bong hit, which somehow managed to kick everything back into seriously stoned high gear, as if the bong hit reignited the edible. Eventually I crawled into bed after midnight and woke up with quite the pot hangover the next morning.

This has been an unusually long, rambling review – directly reflecting my experience, which was difficult to put into words. I’d happily do a Berry Blast again, but it would have to be under ideal circumstances (god, a rave would be lovely) and certainly no cooking elaborate dinners. Berry Blast is for sure recommended, but for experienced edible users only. This is not for amateurs or lightweights.

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