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Medical Marijuana review: Creole Cookies

This will get you well and truly high – like floating and grinning high

Cannabis patients and users of Louisiana may find their attention grabbed by a strain called Creole Cookies, or…they may just roll their eyes at its attempt to cater to the locals. It’s not even the only LA-themed strain in my sample box; keep an eye out for a future review of Bayou Berry. Of course, there isn’t really anything more Cajun or Creole or Pelican about this strain of weed than any other, but let me tell you, it went to my head, almost dizzyingly, about five or ten minutes after DynaVaping a capful and a half.

Sitting down to write this review almost immediately after vaping, I lost interest in the task quickly, so I decided instead to pull out a relic of TV days long gone: “Wild Palms.” The early ‘90s were an experimental time for television, as “Twin Peaks” had blown the roof off of what you could do on network TV. Imitators of the iconic David Lynch series followed, but for every “Northern Exposure” that was a hit, there was also a forgotten gem like “Wild Palms.” Debuting in May of ’93, the sci-fi tinged six-hour limited series premiered to polarizing reviews but is well worth viewing from the lens of today, as it is set in the future year of…2007!

Normally you bake the cookies, but Creole Cookies baked me, and I was seriously high for at least the first half of the 90-minute “Palms” opener. As a “Twin Peaks” freak, during that section I kept spotting all the bits and bobs it was lifting from the Lynch series. They were countless. While the main character’s name isn’t Dale, it is Harry! Two of its actors – Brad Dourif and David Warner – had previously been part of the Lynchverse, and another two – Robert Loggia and James Belushi – by either coincidence or design would go on to star in future Lynch projects. Belushi is the star and central character Harry; a peculiar casting choice for 1993 sci-fi event TV to be sure, yet he acquits himself nicely, navigating all manner of weirdness that is thrown at him. Looking more dashing than Belushi has ever looked, you can tell he took the role as seriously as anything he has ever done. (Belushi doesn’t act as much these days, but he’s a helluva cannabis advocate, which has me viewing his past work in a whole different light.) The cast for this thing is pretty insane across the board, and instead of dotting the landscape with sexy high school students ala “Peaks,” the series instead showcases sexy MILFs: Kim Cattrall (vamping it up something fierce), Dana Delany, Bebe Neuwirth, and no less than ’70s TV queen Angie Dickinson.

The back of Kim Cattrall in WILD PALMS

Once it gets past being a “Twin Peaks” clone, “Wild Palms” very much becomes its own thing that is nothing at all like “Twin Peaks.” Having only watched the first episode so far, I can tell you that it’s about twisty conspiracies, shadowy organizations, sunny Los Angeles, greedy TV corporations, nightmarish dreams, and the specter of virtual reality, which might as well be subbing for the AI conundrums we’re currently on the precipice of. Also like “Twin Peaks,” “Palms” has some killer music: a mix of nostalgic tunes like “Lightning Strikes” and “Classical Gas” and a dramatic, hypnotic score from recently deceased synth and pop god Ryuichi Sakamoto. Yes, “Wild Palms” is primo stoner summer 2023 viewing and a fascinating piece of 30-year-old television that might just have something relevant to say about today. And the best news is that you can see the entire thing for free, in HD, on YouTube.

But what about the Creole Cookies? Ha! Yes. This is most definitely a strain that will get you well and truly high – like floating and grinning high. It’s good stuff! But, it is an Indica-dominant hybrid, and as you come down, the tired will hit you, make no mistake. I felt this verily during the second half of the 90-minute “Wild Palms” opener. This is another strain from the Southern University Agricultural Research & Extension Center, which perhaps helps explain its name. It is blended from two others strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Viper OG. Creole Cookies has a THC level of 19.24%.

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