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Product review: The CCELL Sandwave

This is an excellent device and meets or exceeds the quality of the CCELL lineup

Having used the Sandwave as my primary MDI for two weeks now, I can now confidently say that it is an excellent device and meets or exceeds the quality of the CCELL lineup. Having used the CCELL Palm and Palm Pro in the past, this battery has been a welcome addition to the fleet.

Unlike the Palm and Palm Pro, this device is constructed out of plastic with a silicone wave grip which provides a confident grip and manages to still slide in and out of a pants pocket with relative ease. It also does not attract dust like many silicone-coated devices.

The benefits of this device are definitely its lightweight and the fact that you do not have to locate and use a button; simply inhale and the device fires right up. This prevents the device from firing off accidentally in your pocket, an issue I’ve had in the past with button-fire devices. The three selectable heat settings are a welcome addition over the Palm and provide variable heat settings. I found that the low setting is too low for my taste, with medium being the primary setting I used throughout the review period.

This device completely conceals the cartridge, be it a .5g or 1g cartridge. This provides a level of discreteness and also protects the cartridge should it fall to the ground.

Battery life was fantastic, lasting through the entirety of a .5g cartridge without recharge.

My only gripe with the device is the slightly rounded bottom. The flat surface on the bottom of the device has a minimal cross-section, which sometimes makes standing the device up on a flat surface tricky. It certainly can stand up on its own, but the device has the tendency to fall over should you bump into the table or nightstand.

Those who have used medicinal cannabis distillate cartridges in the past know that the ability to stand the vape up so that the medicine can flow to the bottom of the cartridge is a requirement. Distillate has the tendency to be very thick, and can often take several hours for it to flow to the bottom of the cartridge where the holes in the atomizer can intake the medicine to be vaporized by the atomizer.



No firing button, simply inhale

Three heat settings

Completely conceals the cartridge, with a viewing window to check the level of your cartridge


Doesn’t have a completely flat bottom, so has the tendency to tip over

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