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It’s Spring! Celebrate With These Cannabis-themed Gifts & Accessories

Springtime cannagifts that are a hare above the rest

Cannabinthusiast | It’s Spring! Celebrate With These Cannabis-themed Gifts & Accessories - Springtime Easter Cannabis Marijuana

Is Spring your thing? You don’t need to be an eggs-pert to find a variety of vernal paraphernalia perfect for celebrating the return of greener times! Just hop on down this list to find your best bets for filling your favorite stoner’s Easter basket.

Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter
Bunnies, ducklings, lambs – springtime buddies are the best. Protect your adorable new pals and keep your smoke to yourself with a Smoke Buddy. An unexpected Easter basket accessory, this personal sploof fits easily in a pocket to go where you go. It’s not only highly effective at reducing secondhand smoke and cutting down on odors, but also durable, long lasting, and comes with a cute, smiling keychain full of chill, springtime vibes.

Eagle Jet Torch Gun Lighter (4 pack)
Peep this practical gift! Splashes of color are a must for the season, so be sure to grab this assorted 4 pack of reliable Eagle Jet Torch lighters. Go full blaze while braving the elements on a weekend camping trip or adjust the flame level to low for a quick blaze on a breezy day. Strong springtime winds don’t stand a chance against them, plus they’re refillable, safe, and long lasting. Also ideal for heating up your DynaVap!

Boveda 62% Humidor Packets
Those famed “April showers” are no joke, especially if you live in a humid climate. Keeping your stash protected is more about getting rid of unwanted moisture; you need to maintain the right amount of humidity to keep that sticky icky from crumbling to dust. Boveda 2-way humidity control packs are available in different sizes so you can choose the right size for whatever container you choose. The packets contain a proprietary blend of natural salts and purified water to help create an invisible barrier around whatever you’d like to keep fresh (WINK).

TEESX Sunflower and Butterfly Slow Burning Pre-Rolls
Nothing says spring quite like a field of flowers, and beautiful butterflies. Celebrate the beauty of nature by setting both these things on fire! This two-pack set of pretty pre-rolls are slow burning, eco-friendly, and a super stylish way to enjoy the great outdoors, so as the temps climb higher, so can you. They’re delightfully spring-y and will fit right in with a basket full of chocolates and jellybeans.

Mamba V2 Electric Portable Herb Grinder
Get outside and enjoy the warmer weather without spilling any grass on the grass. Power up with a convenient USB rechargeable battery, and mill up to a gram of your favorite herb. Grinding is one of the simplest ways to get the most out of your flower by enhancing the flavor, and evening the texture to encourage an even burn. Its durable construction and pocketable size make it an on the go essential, and the clear-spouted funnel helps make packing your favorite smoking accessory a cinch.

BurpLids Curing Kit
When you grow your own, curing your bud is a must – it protects flavorful terpenes, helps keep cannabinoids at their most potent, and decreases the amount of chlorophyll that can interfere with the taste. BurpLids can turn any mason jar into your next curing jar. It uses a simple valve system to create a vacuum seal to remove stale air, creating a low oxygen environment that’s ideal for curing your latest spring crop.

Pot Leaf Glitter Confetti
Traditionalists will insist the only appropriate base for a basket is that stringy, fake, gets-everywhere Easter grass. Swap out that old standby with a sparkly upgrade you’ll still be busy punning about while the kids are running around for the egg hunt. Each piece of this glittered up grass is made from cardstock about the size of a half dollar, so you won’t have to go chasing down hard to pick up, plastic-y bits while you’re weeding out all those gross licorice jellybeans from your basket. [Editor’s note: I love black jellybeans.]

Hempy Bar – Buddy’s Chocolate Haus
No spring celebration is complete without the sweets! And when it comes to Easter, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Buddy’s Chocolate Haus infused silky milk chocolate with hemp oil for an indulgent award-winning treat designed to delight your taste buds as it calms your nerves. Organic ingredients and small batch made, each piece of this gourmet bar of chocolate contains 30mg of hemp oil for easy, accurate portioning.

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