Medical Marijuana Delivery from Capitol Wellness Solutions in Baton Rouge

This pharmacy serves up old school customer service for the modern age

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to tell me stories of her own childhood helping her uncle in his pharmacy. It was a family business, and customers were more than just customers – they were neighbors. Her uncle knew the name of each and every person that walked through the doors, and aided generations of clients in finding remedies for their ailments. Patients felt at home there not just because many had been going there their whole lives, but also because her uncle had a way of making everyone feel comfortable, welcome, and taken care of.

I appreciate the romantic nostalgia, but during my lifetime I have never known such a place. The pharmacies I used were largely decided by a combination of their proximity to where I lived, if my insurance would be accepted, and if they actually carried what I needed. All these factors equal an impersonal, chain store pharmacy experience that pales in comparison to Nana’s stories.

But let’s be honest – I’m an elder millennial, and as such, if it can be done online, I’m going to get it done online. Even if I did find a pharmacy that hit my personal healthcare trifecta, I’d hesitate if in this day and age they didn’t offer robust online services options. With Capitol Wellness Solutions servicing the Baton Rouge area, I was able to get the best of both worlds.

First off, their communication: when my doctor faxed over my prescription, I received a text confirming it had been received. Next, I was sent a brief intake form which I filled out and submitted to receive confirmation my intake form has been received, and I could order from their website at my leisure.

BAM. It was THAT fast. It was SO fast, I thought I might have missed a step, so I emailed their customer service just to make sure I didn’t skip anything, and I was, indeed, clear to order. Their answer came swiftly and confirmed that I was good to go, but they also asked if I would like a virtual consultation with one of their pharmacists. I didn’t feel it was necessary at this point in time, and said so, and a follow up email informed me that if I changed my mind, a pharmacist would be happy to speak with me. I appreciate the warmth and care that went into the response; it was thoughtful, helpful, and didn’t feel cookie cutter.

Clicking over to the Capitol Wellness Solutions product page, I browsed the selection. I’m a Libra – it can take me a while to decide on things, so I made note of my favorites, and browsed over the next few days. What I discovered was a diverse selection of products that seem to rotate depending on what’s locally available. They feature products from Louisiana’s own Good Day Farm, offering 3-5 varieties each of smokable flower, cannabis infused fruit chews, and metered dose inhalers.

If you find yourself staring down the options and choosing what might work best feels like a shot in the dark, you can choose to have a consultation, or make sure of the handy search options on the right side of the menu page. You can select if you’re looking for Sativa, Indica, or CBD, pick your potency level, browse best sellers, check out customer reviews, and choose your desired effects. After clicking a few checkmarks to see what the search suggests, I settled on an Indica dominant hybrid called Strawberry Cream Puffs and chose next day delivery.

That’s right, I said next day delivery. Not only are they personable, but their delivery service could give CrAmazon a run for its money. After my order went through, I received a confirmation, and an approximate drop off time based on where my address stood in their drop off queue. Drop off was a breeze; not only did it arrive a tad earlier than anticipated, but the driver called to give me a heads up when he was about ten minutes away. I opened the door to a kind man who I thanked for the heads up, joked with briefly, and tipping well for his efforts, but also because I was just so pleased with the overall experience.

I highly recommend Capital Wellness Solutions to anyone looking for an easy way to fill their medical marijuana prescription in the Baton Rouge area. Their varied selection and friendly, helpful staff are sure to impress you and Nana!

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