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Medical Marijuana review: Banana Mac

Got high. Fed the birds. Had a blast. Will come back for more.

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Every day around four or five I feed the birds outside and refresh their water bowl and birdbath. Today was the first time I ever consciously thought, “I’m gonna get high and do this and then write about it.” Enter Banana Mac, which I DynaVaped.

It’s still hot where I live, but not, as we used to say when I was a kid, “Africa Hot” (which after the summer this planet has seen, seems a completely meaningless and shortsighted phrase). This afternoon ritual is now slightly more pleasant than it has been in recent times and Banana Mac made it downright fun. I drug the hose over like I do every day to the bath and bowl, emptied each and refilled them with cool, clean water. Then I spread the food between a hanging feeder and a concrete slab that lay on the ground. I headed back into the house, looked out the window and on cue they descended like Tippi Hedren’s worst nightmare. Mostly sparrows today, though joining them sooner than usual were a couple of cardinals…and by that I mean a literal couple. We joke that they are married because their colors are different; one is your standard bright red cardinal and the other is a lighter orange. I assume this means they are different genders, but even if not, I still insist they’re married as they always show up together.

Anyway, it can be quite the sight to behold this daily ritual, and with temperatures like we’ve been having, I feel like I’m doing a little something valuable for my feathered friends. It’s a beautiful dance to watch them en masse whoosh back and forth from the food to a nearby bush. All that it takes is the slightest move from me, inside, looking through the window. They see even a trace of movement and WOOOSH! Into the bush. 5 seconds later. WHOOSH. Back to the food. If you enjoy getting high (and you’re reading this, so you certainly must), I can almost guarantee that feeding wild birds is an incredible stoner pastime (someday I’ll tell you about the hummingbirds). Today, Banana Mac made feeding and watching all the more engaging.

This Mac is a sweet, heady high, but also one that distracted me. As soon as I was done with all things avian, I needed to make dinner, which is a slightly involved baked chicken and rice dish. Even though I knew I needed to start cooking, because it was Peter Sellers day on TCM, Facebook beckoned me to spread the glorious news. Banana Mac was keeping me from the task at hand. When I finally did begin dinner, it was a bit challenging at moments, and I even felt the need to drag out the recipe for this dish I’ve made twenty times and know by heart. I found myself going back to that recipe several times and also double-checking everything I was doing to make sure I didn’t leave anything out. In other words, if you’ve got anything important that needs doing, or a task that requires your attention, might be best to steer clear of Banana Mac. If you just want a great high that will help you forget your troubles by going straight to your head, this is a good one.

Banana Mac is a hybrid strain leaning toward Indica. Its terpene profile includes Limonene and alpha-Pinene.

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