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Medical Marijuana review: Alien Rock Candy

Somehow, beyond all logic and reason, Long John Silver’s was the chosen destination

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Alien Rock Candy is a strain that took a few tries to find a groove with. I sampled it several times over a period of weeks, always later in the night. Each time I was disappointed, with it leaving me feeling a little drained. Being an indica-leaning hybrid, this came as no surprise to me.

That all changed one blisteringly hot Saturday afternoon, when Tommick, Cannabinthusiast’s webmaster and creator of many of the cool graphics you see on our site (including the one up above), came over to my place to do some computer work on Mrs. Fareye’s new laptop. I dragged out the Alien Rock Candy, he fired up the DynaVap, and we proceeded to get beautifully high. Maybe it was because of the lift I got from having a friend to enjoy the strain with? Maybe it was the (much earlier) time of day? Maybe it was because it was a care-free Saturday? Probably all of the above contributed to Alien Rock Candy giving us the sweetest of mid-day highs.

One thing I took note of: Alien Rock did not impair Tommick’s ability to focus on the computer tasks at hand. He toiled away for a couple hours, revisiting the DynaVap here and there, typing away and moving things around. Further, the bulk of this review was written under the influence of Alien Rock, which is not something I can do with every strain. So, one thing you can hopefully count on is that Alien Rock will not send you to another planet.

Once Tommick started to sober up, thoughts drifted to food. Ideas were tossed out. Somehow, beyond all logic and reason, Long John Silver’s was the chosen destination. I do not normally eat fast food, and on the occasions I do, it is never LJS. It has in fact been so many years since I last set foot in one, I can’t even remember when it was. Yet this seemed the correct path forward. I hit the DynaVap again (and hard) before we hopped into Tommick’s chariot and lazily made our way across town to the nearest LJS.

The place looked like a disaster area. It was stark and white, like a ghostly version of a proper shitty restaurant. There was a small mountain of concrete and waste near the back of the parking lot (in which only two vehicles were parked). The drive-thru was taped off and closed. This was so uninviting on so many levels. I mean, if you want me to eat at LJS, can it at least pretend to be the LJS that so fulfilled me as a child? The exterior here was more akin to crime scene rather than deep-fried golden goodness. Was it even open!? We will never know because we departed as quickly as we arrived. Thank stoned goodness for the soul food joint down the road: A to-go 12-piece fried chicken, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole and cornbread feast was purchased and dined on instead, with some Alien Rock Candy for dessert.

Despite my initial reservations, something has clicked in my brain and I’m now finding ARC a sweet, relaxing, heady high. It never takes you too far, and always to a sweet spot. I am resistant to enjoying indicas, but alongside Military Chocolate, here’s another one that I could get used to. As I reach the end of this review, I realize that a nap might be in order, and I bet it will be the best nap I’ve had in a week.

Alien Rock Candy is a hybrid strain leaning toward Indica. Its dominant terpenes are Myrcene and Limonene.

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