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Medical Marijuana review: Chem OG

There is something to be said for getting baked and then stepping out into the oppressive heat only to get baked again

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Chem OG

Nearly every time I partake in a new sativa strain, it reminds me of what I love so much about cannabis in the first place. These are always the very best highs. So good, in fact, that one needs to remind themselves that it’d be a fool’s errand to try to chase the buzz at a later date. Chem OG delivered such a high.

I vaped a “bowl” from the DynaVap, and set out to walk a few light errands. It is impossibly hot where I live right now. The 100 degree afternoons stretch on into the seemingly infinite. The best outdoor highs are of course when the climate is perfect, but there is something to be said for getting baked and then stepping out into the oppressive heat only to get baked again. There’s a palpable connection between human and Earth in these moments. I watched a couple flowered trees do a lazy, slow waltz in the midday sun. Nearby, two squirrels chased one another back and forth. No idea where they could possibly summon that kind of energy in this heat, unless one of them had a flask of water the other coveted.

It wasn’t a far walk to the local bagel shop, which greeted me with a blast of cool conditioned air. At this point I was as baked as the many varieties of bagel they offer. Ready to nosh, I was deliriously amused by everything around me – all of the different shapes and colors and types of people dotted throughout the establishment. When I got to the front of the line to place my order, the young lady behind the counter decided to make chit chat by asking me what the day ahead held.

Oh no, now I must engage with this stranger? “I’m going to see [the new] ‘Top Gun.’” As amused as I’d been before, now I was confused and unable to follow the flow of this simple conversation about a movie I’m oddly not even particularly keen to see. Once we settled that she had not even been born when the first movie came out, the talk started to wane. Very nice woman, make no mistake, but boy was I in that moment utterly ill-equipped for talk of Tom Cruise, all thanks to the Chem.

But something happened once the salmon-schmeared five grain goods arrived and I started eating. Gorging on that bagel, I mellowed and became more in tune with the world. After I was finished, the owner came over to me as she often does. This time, I was ready. She questioned and then stated, “You know who you look like? Bill Murray.” “I’ve actually been getting that more the older I get,” I replied, adding “It’s a good thing, right?” “Oh I think so!,” she confirmed. We then launched into a back and forth about certain celebrities we’d both met, and I was quite envious of both of hers from her chef days in Chicago: Joe Pesci and Madonna (but not at the same time). She added that both were incredibly gracious and Madge even went down the line and thanked each chef one by one for the meal.

As you might guess, I was having a blast at this point, totally in control of my half of the conversation, the Chem OG being my best bud for the hour. He and I shall go another ‘round before my date with my wife and Tom Cruise later today (…which worked out splendidly; I maintained a solid high through most of the film).

Chem OG is a hybrid strain leaning heavily toward Sativa. Its dominant terpene is Limonene.

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