Medical Marijuana review: Pillow Factory

Zoned out and fell asleep quickly, and got a perfectly restful seven or so hours of sleep

With a name like Pillow Factory, you can pretty much see the writing on the wall of this strain. It was a sunny, cool day in the midst of a cold snap when I vaped this for the first time. Immediately after, my wife and I headed out for a walk. Now, it was early afternoon and I was wide awake and I suspect this was all very much the wrong time of the day to do this strain.

I noticed feeling sluggish, stoned and tired almost from the start. As we walked, I found myself repeatedly not being able to focus on the conversation my wife was trying to have with me. Instead my thoughts kept sort of caving inward. At one point, a conversation about the plot of a “King of the Hill” episode suddenly turned into one about “The Sopranos” (in my head, only). Both shows have a character named Bobby, you see. At another point I reached out to a friend via phone, which I regretted. Simply, there’s not much social about this strain. My guess is that it would work much better before bedtime.

My second time trying it was the oddest of the three, but that should come as no surprise as I smoked at a time when I never, ever smoke. My cat woke me up, scratching at the bedroom door around 6 i n the morning. I got up to give him a little attention, and my thoughts drifted to Pillow Factory as a means of getting back to sleep for a few more hours. I proceeded, but again, this was not at all a normal smoking time for me – at the crack of dawn, on top of four or five hours of already restful sleep. When I slid back into bed with a headful of heavy high, my mind started to race through a hundred different thoughts, and continued to do so for well over an hour. This was not at all what I’d hoped. Eventually the racing did stop and I did fall asleep, but the entire experience led to me sleeping much later than I’d planned. It is possible the Daylight Saving spring forward played a part in all of this.

My third and final time using Pillow Factory was as it is probably intended to be used: at the end of the day, immediately before bedtime. I zoned out and fell asleep quickly, and got a perfectly restful seven or so hours of sleep. Success!

Pillow Factory is a hybrid strain leaning toward Indica with a dominant terpene profile of Limonene.

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