Medical Marijuana review: Triple OG

Suddenly I was, in the words of Lou Reed, “Waiting for My Man…”

The first thought I had after smoking Triple OG for the first time was that it was pulling my face deep into the back of my head. These OGs I’ve been sampling as of late – again, OG stands for Ocean Grown – well, they’ve been making some real cool waves in my psyche. That initial intensity waned not long after the first intake, and subsided into an easy, relaxed high that kept me going for a couple hours as I lounged about my house listening to music and playing around online. Eventually, as the high subsided, I found myself feeling a little tired even though I never actually laid down to rest.

My second experience with Triple OG was on a walk. As per my usual as of late, I smoked a bowl of it through my bubbler and headed out. It was an anxiety-ridden early afternoon – Election Day, November of 2022. The combined afternoon walk and Triple OG were a direct result of trying to get away from these feelings (as well as my computer). For the first fifteen minutes I was unsure I had made the right decision, as I was still feeling ample amounts of doom and gloom. But something happened shortly thereafter, changing my mood for the better and getting me into a far more preferable headspace. The Triple OG, alongside the overcast midday, had done its job and I was feeling at peace.

No sooner than the peaceful easy feelings had set in than I received a text from Bossman, who wanted to drop off some new strain samples. Obviously, I was not at home. His response? “Tell me where you are and I’ll do a hand off.” So I did, and suddenly I was, in the words of Lou Reed, “Waiting for My Man,” and feeling all of 22 years old again. Standing on a street corner, waiting for someone to pass off some weed to me from a moving vehicle, and I am deliriously amused by the throwback. It’s a scenario that’s becoming increasingly extinct, and younger or less seasoned Cannabinthusiasts have quite possibly never experienced it at all…which make no mistake, is a good thing. Yet for the old school stoner in me, this was a definitive OG moment, and I do not in any way remotely mean Ocean Grown.

Thankfully for Cannabinthusiasts, this is a dying scenario

Triple OG is an easy, undemanding strain that should give you plenty without asking for much in return. It’s got a good head on it, but despite my initial impression is never especially overwhelming. It’s a sweet, even high that well over an hour after smoking it, I’m still feeling the effects of, yet I was able to come home and compose the bulk of this review while under its spell. This time around, when the high wore off, I barely noticed, and still felt relatively alert rather than draggy or tired. According to Ask Growers, Triple OG is good for treating “symptoms from HIV, AIDS, cancer, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, migraines, muscle spasms, and PMS.”

Triple OG is a Hybrid strain leaning toward Indica. Its dominant terpene is my old pal Caryophyllene.

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