Medical Marijuana review: Blueberry Headband

This is a great strain to get the day started, or as an afternoon pick me up

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Blueberry Headband

Indica dominant hybrids and I have a friendly past, so Blueberry Headband – a strain popularly prescribed for relief from symptoms of stress and anxiety – seemed like a good fit for me. This strain touts a THC level typically in the 15-20% range, and fans often describe the taste of blueberries and the onset effects as “euphoric.”

“Heck yeah,” I thought, trying very hard not to tear that little plastic zipper when opening the bag – it doesn’t even matter what bag I’m talking about, really – we’ve all been there.

“Bring on the euphoria!”

The first thing you’ll notice popping open the package is how pungent this strain is. If you’re worried about weed odors, you’re definitely going to need a quality smell-proof container and a smoke neutralizer. Smell (or taste) wise, I didn’t get any hints of blueberries per se; more like something flowery – similar to lilac – and unmistakable citrus and pine. Terpinolene reins in this strain, a terpene commonly found in nutmeg, cumin and (surprise!) lilacs. The other terpene heavy hitters offering their unique aroma to this substantial bouquet are the obviously named pinene, limonene, and earthy myrcene; the smell is distinctive, and pleasantly reminiscent of freshly washed kitchen floors.

Inside were nice, thumb-sized buds that could win a beauty contest sporting bright green, and little coppery flowers. They didn’t feel particularly dense, yet I was surprised by how much was in my grinder from just a small piece of bud.

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Blueberry Headband | Flower

I used a one-hitter because I like to start low and slow, but I’m also a frequent smoker, so I took two hits. The “headband” part lives up to its name very quickly for a strong head high. The immediate effects were calming, but I also felt lethargic and unmotivated. I’m a fan of indica-dominant strains as opposed to pure indicas, because they shut my brain off, and couch-lock is not my style. I figured I’d found my hybrid ratio tipping point – about 30/70. Glued to my chair, I doodled for a bit for it to wear off – and I didn’t have to wait long, so if you’re aiming for that kind of head high, these berries might not be your best bet.

The initial high lasted about 10ish minutes, and I noticed because my focus was creeping back, and I suddenly felt like moving. Not manically in a “bouncing off the walls” way, but in a way that made me go, “oh right, there were some tasks I wanted to get done, I think I’ll go do them.” I find this to be calming, mood-lifting, energy focusing, and it makes it easier to prioritize. It’s also been a favorite of mine for headache relief!

This is a great strain to get the day started, or as an afternoon pick me up. If you’re prone to the initial head fog like I am, give yourself a few minutes to space out before you come back online. The pine and citrus also taste pretty good, but make sure you have a drink on tap ahead of time if you’re smoking this in herb form because the dry mouth is intense.

Too much Blueberry Headband can absolutely result in prolonged fog, couch-lock and anxiety, so do yourself a favor and let yourself ease into this high before you go packing a second bowl.

For a person struggling with anxiety, time management, and executive dysfunction, Blueberry Headband could be a real game-changer. It’s amazing how many small moments we lose to worry and stress and how quickly that time can add up. Blueberry Headband is definitely a strain to look into if you’re trying to get a few of those moments back.

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