Medical Marijuana review: Confucius Kush

Confucius Kush should work wonders on your frayed nerves

You see the name “Confucius” in a strain and immediately think serenity and wisdom. Well, this strain will probably deliver the former but most likely not the latter. I was hit quick and hard by Confucius, and he left me an addled mess. I was introduced to him just before heading out with Mrs. Fareye to the bookstore. Once we got there, she went off to do her thing and I settled into a sweet, solitary browsing groove that kept me happily occupied for at least a half hour. For that kind of situation, Confucius was pretty perfect.

But once she and I met up again and started to interact, I realized how spaced I was and how I simply could not concentrate on much of anything, including all conversation Mrs. F was trying to jumpstart. Seriously, very little of what she was saying would register, and my brain was racing in so many directions that weren’t toward her, I had to ask her to repeat herself numerous times before finally just declaring, “Look, this strain went straight to my head and left no room for anyone else in there.” She laughed hard but was cool about it. This is certainly not a strain you’d want to use before going out to be social.

So, I went for another round with Confucius, only this time under more appropriate circumstances.

A couple weeks back I came across a track from an album called “Chakradancer,” by Brainscapes featuring Alain Eskinasi. The track in question is called “Sunset/Moonrise” and upon hearing it, I had to own it. The disc showed up the same day I started experimenting with Confucius, so I knew exactly how I wanted that day to end: by marrying the two. This combo of synth, New Age and World Music was an ideal match for an indica heavy strain like Confucius. Around midnight, I DynaVaped two full caps of it just to make sure I would get the full Kush experience, then laid down and immersed myself in all these many glorious sounds.

As the record moved on, I felt as though I was almost in a hypnotic, trancelike state; I could move but had zero desire to – a decision made all the easier by my cat snuggling up under my chin and on my chest. We listened to the album together, going on this specific journey based around chakras and the like – something I know nothing about, but also have no interest in dismissing since this album/cannabis combo eased any anxiety I may have been feeling. Seriously, the Confucius Kush should work wonders on your frayed nerves. It’s a deep, all-over body high that when mixed with the perfect soundscape was capable of taking me to adjacent planes that were most welcome after a couple weeks of playing around with various sativas.

Confucius Kush is a Hybrid strain leaning heavily toward Indica. Its terpene profile includes Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene.

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