Medical Marijuana review: Member OG

I so wanted to lie down and take a nap, but I was in a public park!

Member OG is a strain that truly confounded me. Pretty much every time I tried it, it threw me for a new loop, which is a frustrating place as a reviewer to be because it had me second, third and fourth-guessing myself.

The first couple times I vaped Member OG it was an almost speedy, mind racing experience. I recently wrote about how the strain Chiesel helped me focus – Member OG was the exact opposite. It had my brain scrambled and my attention pulverized. I kept thinking of the Lovecraft title “Color Out of Space,” which seemed to define what my brain was going through. The weird thing about all of this is that these are not typical effects being reported by other users, which is why we here at Cannabinthusiast are always pushing our disclaimer: Our reactions are not always the same as your reaction.

Today I gave it another shot before heading out for a walk; yet another attempt to find a definitive Member OG experience. It hit me quickly as I bopped down the street, not as crazily as it had on other occasions…yet still heady and heavy. This is a deep “getting lost in yourself” high. The news cycle has been bananas as of late, and I’m seeing the phrase “nuclear war” bandied about far more often than I am comfortable with. These thoughts followed me on my walk, horrifically amplified by the cannabis strain. Instead of taking me away from anxieties, this made everything seem all the bleaker: I was looking around and instead of seeing nature I was picturing a desolate, annihilated landscape.

The only thing that saved me from myself was the sudden realization that this minor mania would be a good topic for the review: Getting high and falling into a “worst case scenario” frame of mind. We’ve all been there; today mine happened to be a global concern. As I started to think about how it would make for a good review, I was able to climb out of it.

Halfway through my walk, another noteworthy thing happened: the indica dominance of Member OG took hold of me, which hadn’t really happened during any of my other excursions with it. I was in a park at this point and couldn’t conceive of starting that 30+ minute trek home. I so wanted to lie down and take a nap, but I was in a public park! Instead, I meandered for about that length of time until a great deal of my high subsided and I regained some strength and finally headed home.

So, therein lays my Member OG recommendation: Be smart about how and where you use it, and make sure you’re in a positive frame of mind before doing so. Also of note: The Cannabinthusiast Bossman tells me that OG, at least for this strain, does not stand for Original Gangsta, but rather Ocean Grown.

Member OG is a hybrid strain leaning heavily toward Indica. Its dominant terpene is Myrcene.

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