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Medical Marijuana review: Laughing Gas

I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress in recent days, and this was exactly what was needed to relieve some of that

Cannabinthusiast | Medical Marijuana review: Laughing Gas

A strain with a name like Laughing Gas immediately brings baggage to the table: “This sure sounds like a lot of fun!” A name like this seemingly has a lot to live up to. I DynaVaped a capful and headed out for a short walk on a warm, overcast afternoon. Tunes sounded great as I strolled around my neighborhood, increasingly aware that I’d become nice and baked. While Laughing Gas did not send me into fits of giggles, it did elevate and give me a floating feeling – that sort of vibe you get when it almost feels as if your head could detach itself from your shoulders and fly up into the clouds. And this alone seems to earn it the “gas” part. Later I will vape this again and watch a comedy and see what happens. I do fear, however, that my days of getting the cannabis giggles are far behind me.

The last couple Good Day Farm products that came in these sky-blue bags – Georgia Pie and Gelato #42 – did not especially light my world on fire. So, I went into Laughing Gas expecting more of the same, but it seems the third time was a charm. This offered up a light, airy high that put me in an absurdly good mood. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress in recent days, and this was exactly what was needed to relieve some of that.

The bag my Laughing Gas came in clearly says 17.72% total THC

Fast forward a few hours and another vape session with the Gas before putting on the first episode of Netflix’s “Cunk on Earth,” which I was certain would be the ultimate test of the Laughing part of this strain. Sure enough, I cackled, chortled and guffawed my way through Philomena Cunk’s absurdist stroll through the history of our planet and mankind itself. Sure, maybe the material is just funny on its own. Maybe a strain called Laughing Gas played no part in how much I laughed at this half-hour. But I would like to believe that it did, because my mind’s been altered by enough different strains that have left me finding nothing amusing – sitting stone-faced while stoned watching a Monty Python movie. I know a fun, heady strain when I imbibe it. Laughing Gas strikes me as a good one to unwind yourself with.

Keep an eye out for Laughing Gas pre-rolls but be careful where you smoke or vape this stuff, because it’s skunky as all get out. That first time when I went for the walk? When I came back home, a full hour after I’d vaped it, it was still stinking up the house something fierce.

Laughing Gas is a Hybrid strain leaning toward Sativa. It offers up a modest THC level of only 17.72%. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find any information on its terpene properties.

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